Hi, I'm Nick
I like to build things
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What I Do

I build software and grow teams.


I don't just write software, I invent creative ways to gather and elegantly display complex data. I gravitate toward challenges that I know will truly test the limits of my knowledge.

Customer Experience

I build customer-first software. From API documentation to user interfaces, I believe intuitiveness reduces support, saves money, and retains customers.


I'm not ashamed to admit I'm not the smartest person in the room. I thrive off building teams of talented individuals who compliment each other's deficiencies.

What I've Done

A few of my favorite projects.

Undocumented Tacos

Taco Truck Locator


URL Minifier

Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison

iOS App


iOS App


iOS Game



I've worked with Nick on a few emulation projects, my experience is that Nick is a driven and hard working developer with a good understanding of system architecture at all abstraction levels.

Fredrik Andersson

How I Got Here

The jobs that shaped who I am as a developer.

  • 1998-2009

    Squirrel Software - CEO / Engineer

    Squirrel Software was a company I started to release shareware software for the Macintosh. I developed several popular programs including META Maker (a website optimizating program), MacStar (the first open source Napster client), and several game console emulators.

  • 2009 - Present

    Hitman Apps - CEO / Engineer

    Hitman Apps is a mobile app development company, with a focus on native iOS apps. The most prominent app created was Organic Liaison for actress Kirstie Alley.

  • 2010 - Present

    Software Engineering Project Manager

    As the software project manager I am tasked with both assisting in the development of the company's internal infrastructure as well as collaborating with our engineering staff on projects to ensure deadlines and quality expectations are met.

Meet Me

Nick Vellios

Outdoorsman Extraordinaire

Nick provided us with top-notch code for our iOS application under budget, and in a timely fashion. He is very good at following direction and is not afraid to take an idea and run with it.

Our application went from development to stable release much faster than we expected!

Greg Sabia Tucker, Director Of Engineering Organic Liaison